Take The Polar Plunge for Make-A-Wish On January 1 2024!

Join us Monday, January 1 at 3 PM (high tide) in Stratford for the 4th annual Little Pub Polar Plunge for Make-A-Wish CT. We’ll have all sorts of fun stuff there, representatives from Make-A-Wish CT, and you’ll be able to knock off those “try new things/healthy habits” resolutions because it turns out polar plunging is good for you.

Beyond being a popular health trend among athletes and celebrities, cold plunging enthusiasts claim the practice has numerous benefits for your body and mind. From boosting mood to enhancing immune function, this age-old practice is re-emerging as a modern wellness ritual.

Cold plunging involves immersing your body in water temperatures of 59 degrees or below, triggering a cascade of physiological responses. Here are some key benefits backed by science:

Boosts Mood & Resilience: Many enthusiasts report heightened mood and increased resilience.

Enhances Post-Workout Recovery: May reduce muscle soreness, particularly after intense physical activities.

Promotes Brown Fat Activity: Unlike white fat, brown adipose tissue (BAT) burns calories and may protect your heart.

Supports Immune Function: Cold exposure could lead to fewer sick days, as seen in some studies.

Event Info: http://site.wish.org/goto/plunge