Little Pub Party Platters For football – and other parties!

So the NFL sent us a letter saying we couldn’t use their names or likenesses to promote Little Pub’s football party platters. Apologies all around and we shan’t do that again.

But that got us thinking about a report we saw on how much actual football action you see during a typical broadcast. The numbers vary, but it’s generally between 15 and 20 minutes of live action, with 18 viewed as the average. So, it turns out you’re just watching commercials for two and a half hours while waiting to see 44 seconds of Taylor Swift celebrating touchdowns in a luxury box.

So, forget the football part. We don’t want to get sued and we’ve moved on. But we haven’t moved far, and whether you’re looking forward to spying on Taylor Swift, wondering if you should be offended during the halftime show, or just watching a bunch of commercials broadcast on CBS on Sunday, February 11th at 6:30 PM EST, one thing is for sure: you will need snacks for your Swift Spying/Halftime Show/TV Commercial watching party.

Check out the TV Party* options on our the Little Pub Party Platters ordering site and get snacks for whatever you watch that day. And remember, Little Pub party platters work great for Grammy, Emmy, and Oscar parties too.* 

*Grammy, Emmy, and Oscar are employees of Little Pub. Any inference to awards shows is merely coincidental and not expressly implied.

Check out the Football Party* options on our new Little Pub To Go Party Platters ordering site.  

*Works for any type of party: office party, birthday party, engagement party, gender reveal party, lazy dinner party, costume party, etc.