We’re going to Graceland, and other weekend specials at Little Pub

little pub graceland burger

Weekend Specials

You Say Tomato

Creamy tomato basil soup topped with mini grilled cheese croutons 8


Crispy Eggrolls loaded with cochinita pibil style pork, cilantro rice and cheddar jack cheese. Served with a Chipotle aioli dip 13

Olde Tymey Shepherd’s Pie

Seasoned ground beef simmered in a rich beef gravy loaded with carrots, peas, and onions covered with a blanket of mashed potatoes 16

Graceland Burger

Fresh ground, hand packed angus beef topped with smoked bacon, melting cheddar, grilled bananas, and spicy Thai peanut sauce 16

And on Sunday…


Flakey empanada packed with pepperoni, ricotta, and mozzarella. Served with a side of marinara for dippin 13