Weekend Specials, Meat Loaf Your Way™ (What Else Would You Expect?)

Weekend Specials
Meat Loaf Your Way™ (What Else Would You Expect?)

Meatloaf Grilled Cheese

Thick cut meatloaf, cheddar cheese, smoked bacon, BBQ sauce, frizzled onions and buttermilk ranch grilled between two slices of country white bread



Thick cut meatloaf topped with BBQ sauce, crispy onion rings, and a drizzle of buttermilk ranch served open faced on thick cut country toast

Baked N’ Loaded Potato Soup

Creamy baked potato soup loaded with bacon and cheddar cheese, topped with scallions and a sour cream dollop


Crispy eggrolls packed with buffalo chicken dip and served with a side of bleu cheese dressing for dunkin’


Fork shredded chicken simmered in a coconut and chickpea curry, basmati rice, cheddar jack, sliced avocado, and a cilantro-garlic-sambal aioli all wrapped up in a warm flour tortilla

Pork Belly Burnt Ends

House smoked pork belly “burnt ends” tossed in a Jack Fire BBQ glaze and served with a side of mac n’ cheese