A Hemingway With Chili

These days it seems all everyone writes about is wings, football, and the dangers of AI. But back in the frozen tundra days of Vince Lombardi, AI didn’t exist, wings were for soup, and chili carried the day when writing ing about football food.

Lombardi was an excellent football coach, but it’s unclear if he was much of a writer. Luckily, Hemingway and Lombardi were peers, so we asked ChatGPT to give us 30 words on chili in the style of Hemingway. It gave us this:

“In the dim-lit kitchen, the robust aroma of simmering beef chili enveloped the room. Each spoonful, a symphony of flavors – hearty, bold, and unapologetically satisfying. A culinary masterpiece.” by CHAT GPT

Not one to be outdone by AI robots, here’s our 30-word version:

” Marta’s eyes danced as she passed the steaming clay crock. It was the good beef chili. Strong as the ruddy calves of an Andalusian shepherd carrying a cask of Amontillado “. by Little Pub

Feel free to send us your version of Hemingway on Chili in 30 words (No more, no less). We’ll post the best ones (and of course, the worst ones).

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