One thought on “See James Arthur @littlepub

  1. Toure Richardson says:


    My name is Touré Richardson and I’m a native of Connecticut and I’m interested in opening for James Arthur next month at your venue. I’m a music artist who’s love to sing and I’m passionate about it. I’m a huge fan of his and I’ve chatted with him in the past and he’s even said he likes my voice and artistry. I’m confident I could bring the energy and set the mood before the man of the hour takes the stage, if you let me. I’ve wanted this for a long time and I’m good at what I do vocally and musically. Opening for James Arthur would be a dream come true for me. All I would do is sing a few songs accompanied by my guitarist and then get off the stage immediately for James to come and take it away. I’m also willing to do this for free, I just want the opportunity to open for one of my favorite artists ever, and who better than a current resident of Connecticut. Hopefully this can work out. Please feel free to reach me at this email and my phone number is (203)-510-1828 if you need to call or text me. Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing from you.


    Touré Richardson

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