Little Pub Weekend Specials

Weekend Specials at Little Pub 

Little Pub’s World Famous*, Simply Irresistible** Creamy Kale Dip®

Warm kale and veggie dip served with grilled flatbreads, white corn tortilla chips and celery sticks

JerkyCoCoChicky Burrito

Slow cooked, fork shredded, jerk spiced coconut chicken, ginger cilantro basmati rice, chickpeas, avocado, and honey curry aioli all wrapped up in grilled flour tortilla

Early Spring Shrimp Souvlaki

Lemon herb grilled shrimp, peppers, and onions over a salad of chopped lettuce, crumbled feta, kalamata olives and grape tomatoes tossed in tzatziki dressing and served with a stack of warm grilled pita

*speculation, but probable