Liquor and the Less is More Paradox

Liquor and the Less is More Paradox

Liquor and the Less is More Paradox

Why does liquor in little bottles always taste better than liquor in big bottles? Some might make a veal comparison, but to us its that the little bottles of liquor are undeniably cute (like puppies) and you almost want to take them home just to see if they grow into full sized bottles of liquor.  

Some scientists speculate that little bottles of liquor are appealing because of the Less is More Paradox™ whereby the LESS you have of something the MORE precious it is. Consider time, money, yard mulch, etc.. and these scientists may have a point.

We say “Trust the Science!®” but you should find out for yourself and pick up one of these Little Pub Baby Mule Kits with a cute hand sized 375ml Bottle of Absolut, two wee cans of ginger beer, and 2 bright green limes.

By our reckoning, each Little Pub Baby Mule Kit will deliver 4 Moscow Mules with serious kick. Your results may vary depending on, well, you know, how stubborn you like your mules.

Add a couple Little Baby Mule mugs for the full experience.  

Or just put it all in a pet crate and see if it gets bigger. We don’t think anything will happen, because, after all, we say “Trust the Science!®” around here, but look, we’ve been wrong before, so you might want to put a bowl of water in the crate just to be on the safe side.

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