Baby Calzones®, Thai Peanut Sweet Buds, and Granny Smith’s Chicken Sandwich Are All For You This Weekend At Little Pub

Weekend Specials

Baby Calzones®

Flakey Empanadas loaded with prosciutto, mozzarella, and ricotta. Served with Marinara

Thai Peanut Sweet Nuggets

Crispy chicken nuggets tossed in a spicy Thai peanut sauce and drizzled with a sweet raspberry syrup

Granny Smith’s Chicken Sandwich

Grilled chicken breast topped with brie cheese, a roasted butternut squash and granny smith apple ragout, and a drizzle of chipotle spiked Little Pub apiaries honey

Adobo Pork Tostada

Adobo marinated pork, guacamole, corn, black beans, and shredded cabbage on crunchy corn tortillas topped with crumbled cotija cheese, chipotle salsa and tequila spiked crema