What We’re Eating This Weekend At Little Pub

little pub paper thin porchetta

paper thin porchetta

slow roasted pork loin hand carved and topped with melting provolone, paper thin prosciutto di parma, roasted red peppers, baby arugula, and balsamic aioli on a nice hard roll

watch hill calamari

crispy calamari tossed in grated parmesan and cherry peppers. drizzled with a balsamic syrup reduction and served with a basil pesto ranch dip

dragon roll burrito

sesame crusted rare seared ahi tuna, vegetable fried rice, sliced avocado, house made ginger pickles and a sriracha aioli all wrapped up in a grilled flour tortilla

Little Pub And Absolut Team Up For Cancercare

This year Absolut Vodka and Little Pub are teaming up for the CancerCare Walk/Run for Hope in Greenwich, CT.

This year Absolut Vodka and Little Pub are teaming up for the CancerCare Walk/Run for Hope in Greenwich, CT.

Please support us and CancerCare by making a contribution today or registering for the race and joining our team!


All team Absolut Little Pub members will receive a limited edition Little Pub Thermal top and are guaranteed a good time for a good cause.

All registered Walkers/Runners over 21 will receive a certificate good for a complimentary Absolut Elyx Moscow Mule at any Little Pub Location.

All registered Walkers/Runners under 14 will receive a certificate good for a complimentary kids meal at any Little Pub Location.

CancerCare is a national, non-profit organization that provides free, professional support services to anyone affected by cancer: people with cancer, caregivers, children, loved ones, and the bereaved.

What We’re Eating This Weekend At Little Pub

singapore shrimp tacos

fried shrimp, ginger pickles, guacamole, sweet thai chili sauce, and a creamy wasabi mint slaw in soft flour tortillas

“heavy on the garlic” wings

crispy wings tossed in melted garlic butter and grated parmesan. served with a side of our “heavy on the garlic” roasted garlic aioli

knife n’ fork chicken sandwich

grilled chicken breast topped with melting cheddar, smoked bacon, beer battered onion rings, buttermilk ranch, and a honey-chipotle bbq sauce.

little pub corned beef sandwich

house brined corned beef brisket sliced and served on thick cut rye bread slathered with a guinness spiked dijon mustard


Post Blizzard Bread Puddng

Little Pub N’awlins Bread Pudding With Sugared Bourbon Sauce


Hopefully you picked up some bourbon and sugar while you were out stockpiling pre-blizzard bread, milk and eggs. You’ll need it to make the Little Pub N’awlins Bread Pudding With Sugared Bourbon Sauce

Step one:  prepare bread and milk soak

  • 3lbs bread (French, etc) chopped into small pieces
  • Combine into bowl with 1 gallon of milk, let soak
  • Pre-heat oven to 350.

Step two:  prepare the rest of the mixture

While bread is soaking, mix this stuff up in a separate bowl:

  • 20 whole eggs
  • 5 cups of sugar
  • 1 tablespoon ground cinnamon
  • 1/4 cup maple syrup
  • 4 tablespoon vanilla

Then add all that to the soaking bread. Mix that all up and set aside.

Step three: prepare the pans.

  • find two hotel pans or pyrex baking dishes that fit on top of each other. The pan with mixture should be able to fit over/inside pan containing the water.
  • Add 1/4 inch of water to bottom pan
  • Coat bottom and sides of top pan with butter, then add the bread mixture to the coated pan.
  • Place pan containing the mixture into/over the pan containing the 1/4 inch of water.
  • Place both into oven at 350 for 2-2 1/2 hours until golden brown on top.
  • While that cooks it’s time to…

Step four: prepare the Sugared Bourbon Sauce

  • Ratio of 1 cup sugar to 1 egg (depending on amount you need)
  • Mix together in bowl
  • Place bowl over boiling pot of water to cook. stir regularly.
  • Once uniform consistency is achieved remove from heat.
  • Then add desired bourbon. stir and taste
  • If necessary, add some more bourbon. stir and taste
  • Okay stop, that’s enough bourbon. okay fine, take a small sip/wee dram for yourself.

Step Five: time to eat!

  • Cut warm bread pudding into squares,
  • Drizzle sauce over top and serve.
  • Serves about 30 so invite the neighbors over.

What We’re Eating This Weekend At Little Pub


chili cheese tots

crispy tater tops topped with sliced hummel hot dogs, beef and bean chili, and sriracha spiked nacho cheese sauce

temptation burrito

fork shredded citrus-chipotle braised short ribs, cheddar jack, smoked bacon black beans, guacamole, cilantro infused rice, and lime spiked sour cream all wrapped up in a grilled flour tortilla

resolution tuna club

blackened ahi tuna, field greens, cucumbers, roasted peppers and garlic aioli on thick cut multigrain toast. served with a side salad

Pop Up NebcoFest At Little Pub Fairfield

new england brewing little pub

If you gave up beer for Lent please look away to avoid temptation. Everyone else please call in sick to work and join us for a pop up NebcoFest with @newenglandbrew fuzzy baby ducks, locust reign, motuekamauke pale ale, and imperial stout trooper all on tap at 11:30 at Little Pub Fairfield

fuzzy baby ducks 100 on ratebeer

the impossible to get bright and fuzzy ipa

locust reign 97 on ratebeer

the equally impossible to get punchy and hoppy double ipa

motuekamauke- too early to rate on ratebeer but it’s really good

a new american pale ale that’s hard to pronounce after you’ve had two

imperial stout trooper 99 on ratebeer

thick as motor oil and the first beer new england brewing got sued over