Hot tamale! These weekend specials are ?

Weekend Specials

ChunkyChicky Corn Chowder

Thick and creamy chunky chicken corn chowder served in a warm bread bowl

Hot Tamale Eggrolls

Crispy eggrolls loaded with loaded with shredded chicken, cotija, masa cornmeal, and roasted jalapenos.  Served with a straight up sour cream

Chicken Fajita Empanadas

Flakey empanadas stuffed with peppers, onions, cheddar jack and Fajita chicken. Served with a chipotle aioli dip.

Molokai Mahi Tacos

Blackened mahi mahi, sliced avocado, shredded iceberg, pico, and pineapple chili sauce.

chicken fajita empanadas
hot tamale eggrolls