These Amazing Crispy Crab WonTacos are now at Little Pub.

Crispy Crab WonTacos

Lump crabmeat, fried rice, and a sriracha-scallion whipped cream cheese tucked between tortilla sized crispy wonton shells

Everyone Loves Popcorn Chicken 

Hand battered crispy fried chicken bites. Served with a BBQ Dip

“Steak & Eggs” Grinder

Shaved steak, provolone, mushrooms, peppers, onions, a fried egg, and chipotle aioli on a grinder roll

Fisherman’s Wharf Chowder Bowl

Thick and creamy clam chowder served in a fresh baked bread bowl

Crab Rangoon WonTacos
Fisherman's Wharf Chowder

Behold! The Power of Ions!

You can feel confident that dining at Little Pub is safe and secure.  Not only is the staff wearing masks and following strict protocols, but we are also operating Global Plasma Solutions Bipolar air purifiers in our heating and AC systems that filter all interior air and trap and kill 99.9% of airborne pathogens, including coronavirus. These are the same Bipolar air purifiers used in Hospitals and Schools across the Northeast, including Boston Children Hospital and Greens Farms Academy.  

And we have also had all public areas treated with Filtashield, a contact surface biocide that traps and kills 99.9% of surface pathogens for 30 days.

Its all very technical but you can review the Global Plasma Solutions Bipolar data with these documents.

Meat Lovers Yule Log. Back For A Limited Time!

Little Pub Meat Lovers Yule Log

They said it couldn’t be done.

Or maybe they said it shouldn’t be done.
But we did it anyway. Again.
Behold the awesome might and power of The Amazing Little Pub Meat Lovers Yule Log.
We deep fry a bacon wrapped, cheddar stuffed Hummel hot dog.
Then we wrap that in a burger and grill it to perfection.
Then we batter that with cornmeal batter and deep fry it again.
Coming this December to a Little Pub near you.


little pub meat lovers yule log

Weekend Specials 11/13- 11/15

What do you get when you combine falafels and tacos?

Homemade falafels, shredded lettuce, chopped pickles, feta, tahini, and a drizzle of hot sauce in warm tortilla sized naan breads.

Steak n’ Potato Quesadilla:
Shaved steak, tater tots, caramelized onions, mushrooms, cheddar jack and gorgonzola in a grilled flour tortilla with a side of steakhouse aioli

Creole Rueben:
Blackened tilapia, swiss cheese, coleslaw, and Russian dressing all grilled between thick cut NY rye bread

pork 'n potato quesadilla
Creole Rueben

Weekend Specials 11/6-11/8

Baby Calzones®

Flakey Empanadas loaded with Prosciutto, mozzarella, and Pesto. Served with Marinara 

MeMoMa Knots

MEatballs, MOzzarella, and MArinara on oversized garlic knots

Stuffed Chicken Parm Grinder

Crispy Italian chicken cutlet, “heavy on the garlic” ricotta and breaded eggplant stacked and covered in a blanket of melted mozzarella, topped with marinara, romaine and pesto aioli

Baked Ziti Bread Bowl

Baked Ziti and Meatballs in a bread bowl covered with, you guessed it, melted mozzarella

Stuffed Chicken Parm Grinder

Election Day Specials @littlepub

Election Day is finally here! And because there’s hardly anything more American than Apple Pie Egg Rolls and Fried Chicken Tacos we present these Patriotic Election Day specials. For here or to go but if you come in you can get a nifty “I V😊Ted” Sticker  

I Vote for AmeriSticks™

Crispy egg rolls loaded with cinnamon sautéed apples, cinnamon toast crunch breakfast cereal crumbles and served with a vanilla cream dip


Grilled Hummel hot dogs, beef and bean chili, chopped bacon, tater tots, and shredded cheddar jack all grilled between a folded flour tortilla

Red and Blue Chicken Tacos

Buffalo fried chicken, a creamy red onion-blue cheese-celery slaw, and crumbled gorgonzola in soft flour tortillas

Weekend Specials @littlepub

Chicken and Waffle Sticks
House smoked chicken, chopped waffle-corn flake stuffing, bacon bits and sriracha maple syrup in crunchy egg roll wrappers. Served with a side of maple syrup for dunking or drizzling.  

Birds and Bees Wrap
Corn flake crusted fried chicken, swiss cheese, field greens, apples, and honey Dijon mustard all wrapped up in a soft flour tortilla

Little Pub Jambalaya
A rich stew of smoked ham, andouille sausage, and grilled shrimp served over pile of Creole “dirty rice” loaded with red beans

Double Pub Patty Melt
Twin 4oz hand packed angus beef patties, American cheese, chopped bacon, steamed onions, and little pub secret sauce® all grilled between thick rye bread